Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine officially handed over the keys of a new vehicle for transporting patients to the Director of the Health Center Nova Varos, Dr. Branko Popovic, in front of the Royal Palace in Dedinje. The ceremony of handing over the keys to a new Ford C-Max was also attended by Dr. Milos Bozovic, director of the Health Center Uzice.

Lifeline Chicago Organization, whose patron is Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine, with great help from Mr. Vladeta Rajic, raised funds from the residents of Nova Varos in the amount of 13,824 Euros (1,701,620 in dinars) for the purchase of Ford C-Max vehicle at a discounted price, thanks to the support of Grand Ford company.

The vehicle will be used to transport patients and medical staff in remote places around Nova Varos.

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