Crown Princess Katherine delivers ultrasound machine to Clinical Centre of Serbia gynaecology ward

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine together with Mrs Katarina Conrad, PhD, a friend of Their Royal Highnesses, who represents Serbian Diaspora from Houston, TX, delivered today, on a World Ovarian Cancer Day, an ultrasound to the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic in Visegradska Street in Belgrade. The ultrasound machine is for breast examination, biopsy and gynaecological examination. It is worth 30,000 € Euros. It was provided thanks to the humanitarian event organized in Los Angeles by Lifeline New York Humanitarian Organization, whose Patron is Crown Princess Katherine.

On behalf of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic, the donation was received by Mr Aleksandar Stefanovic, general manager of the clinic, who thanked the Crown Princess for the valuable donation and emergency response, considering that the clinic’s work was hampered over the past few months due to the lack of an ultrasound machine.

Crown Princess Katherine said that her husband Crown Prince Alexander and she put great efforts to make the life of our citizens better, since health care plays a major role in that respect, she and her Humanitarian Foundation base most of their activities on the improvement and advancement of health care facilities throughout the country. “Thanks to our friends from Diaspora who love their homeland and Lifeline New York Humanitarian Organization we have succeeded to obtain this urgently needed ultrasound machine,” said Crown Princess Katherine.

On May 6 Crown Princess Katherine delivered a car to the Health Centre “Saint George” in Topola for transport of patients to have dialysis and other necessary procedures.

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