Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine received a Charter of Gratitude for her contribution to the work and achievements of the “Veljko Ramadanovic” School for Students with Visual Impairment.

Mrs. Rada Laban, Principal of the school, presented HRH Crown Princess Katherine with the Charter at the school event marking the 100th Anniversary of the “Veljko Ramadanovic” School.

“Thank you for the charter of gratitude for the aid that we have been providing for you. My husband HRH Crown Prince Alexander and I are trying to help children with special needs whenever we can and to support the projects that make your work easier. I wish you every success in your further work and i want you to know that we will continue to be your good friends”, said Crown Princess Katherine in her address.

During their previous visit to the school “Veljko Ramadanovic”, TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine, handed the staff and students an interactive board, school bags and school supplies, and the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation will continue to assist blind and visually impaired people in the future.

Pupils of the school “Veljko Ramadanovic”HRH Crown Princess Katherine and Mrs. Radmila Laban, director of the school “Veljko Ramadanovic”

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