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Crown Princess Katherine Foundation hosts reception on the occasion of the National Day Against Breast Cancer at the Royal Palace

HRH Princess Katherine and her Humanitarian Foundation organized a reception marking the National Day Against Breast Cancer at the Royal Palace in Belgrade. On that occasion, the book “Living like before”, which conveys the life stories of the members of the Society for the fight against cancer from Sombor who […]


International Women’s Day March 8 Princess Katherine’s letter regarding women’s health in Serbia

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine extended her congratulations to the women of Serbia on International Women’s Day 8 March, and said in her letter: “I am very proud of the women of our country because they are strong, focused, proud and responsible. During these difficult times for Serbia and our […]


Crown Prince and Crown Princess humanitarian mission in the United States in aid of hospitals and children in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine organized four charity events in the United States during the last 10 days, thanks to Lifeline New York Humanitarian Organization, which is under the patronage of Crown Princess Katherine. The charity dinners were organized with the aim to raise funds […]