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In the presence of Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine Karadjordjevic, the Board of Directors of Lifeline Canada held their annual charity event in Toronto. The vision of the event was to raise funds in order to purchase pediatric ultrasounds which currently are not available in many hospitals and are urgently needed. The event took place at the Don Valley Parkway Hotel in Toronto.

The organizers are hoping that the fund raiser will serve both to enlighten and encourage the public to give generously and promote the continued interaction between the Diaspora and Serbia. Their goal is to raise funds to purchase as many ultrasounds as possible and everyone who is willing can help in this mission and insure the healthy wellbeing of many of our new born infants and children. The cost of each ultrasound is 60,000.00 Canadian dollars.

Together with Lifeline organizations worldwide, Their Royal Highnesses efforts and hard work continue to provide much needed help throughout Serbia and their achievements have been life changing.

The next stop of Their Royal Highnesses, in their humanitarian mission in Canada, is Ottawa, where they will be visiting St. Stefan Serbian Orthodox Church, as well as Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.