Crown Princess Katherine attended conference “CSR Serbia: Challenges of corporate social responsibility”

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine attended the conference “CSR Serbia: Challenges of corporate social responsibility”, which was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade.

The idea of the conference is to help promote the activities that companies, organizations and individuals conduct in the field of (corporate) social responsibility. The conference had five panels: “Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of the State”, “Media: Socially responsible reporting vs. business interests of publishers”, “From David to Goliath: Who is socially responsible in Serbia and how it works”, “Men and Beasts: How socially responsible are we towards animals”, and the theme of the fifth panel was “What are foundations and how they work”.

Crown Princess Katherine address the guests and emphasized: “It is my great pleasure and honor to address the participants of the conference “Challenges of corporate social responsibility”. The concept of corporate social responsibility is relatively new in our vocabulary and our daily life, but very significant. I think it is of great importance that the conference is participated by the representatives of successful companies, the state and the public sector, media and foundations. I hope that such a comprehensive approach will help the Conference reach useful conclusions, and more importantly, put them in effect in the future. Last, but by no means the least, I would like to emphasize the importance of the media, which play a very important control function in the whole process” – said Crown Princess Katherine closing the second panel, “Media: Socially responsible reporting vs. business interests of the publishers”.

In addition to the HRH Crown Princess Katherine the conference participants were addressed by Michel Saint-Lot, Director of the UNICEF Office in the Republic of Serbia, Sasa Mirkovic, State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture and Information, Danica Smic, the oldest volunteer of the Red Cross, Budimir Plavsic, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Vladimir Marinkovic, Vice President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and others. Support for the conference was provided by the socially responsible companies in Serbia.

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