Institution: Nis and Rekovac hospitals

Equipment: patient monitor, an electric powered aspirator, two (2) laryngoscopes sets and five (5) portable pulse oximeters

Cost: 8,500 EUR


Institution: Center for Radiology of the Clinical Center Nis

Equipment: working station for Mobil mammography

Cost: 50.921EUR

Donors: Stavros Niarchos Foundation in New York.


Institution: Centre for Radiology at the Clinical Centre Nis

Equipment: 3D mammography machine, General Electric patient monitor

Cost: 262.835 EUR (3D mammography machine)

(General Electric patient monitor) 8.761 EUR

Donors: Hologic Inc, while the patient monitor was donated by Lifeline New York Humanitarian Organization


Institution: Clinical Centre in Nis, Studenica medical center, Kinderdorf Facilities in Kraljevo

Equipment: valuable, modern, new medical apparatus (Nis), cat-scan along with the equipment for Gynaecology Department (Studenica), food, clothing, bicycles and toys (Kinderdorf)

Cost:  750.000 EUR

Donors: Lifeline Offices in Athens, London, Chicago, and New York and lifeline Canada


Institution: kindergarten “Dragica Lalovic” in Bela Palanka, Student Clinic in Nis and Clinic for Pulmonary Diseases and Palliative Care “Crown Princess Katherine” in Knez Selo.

Equipment: renovation the department of palliative care,

Cost: 100,000 EUR

Donors: Lifeline Humanitarian Organization London, Dr. Elaine Laycock


Institution: Nis Clinical Center

Equipment: mobile digital mammography machine

Cost: 700,000 EUR

Donors: Lifeline Humanitarian Organization New York


Institution: Clinical Centre Nis

Equipment: two mobile incubators and surgical gloves


Donors: Lifeline London


Institution: Clinical center Nis

Equipment: wheelchair, ambulance car, incubator and uniforms

Cost: €40,000

Donors: Foundation of HRH Crown Princess Katherine



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