On the occasion of the National Breast Cancer Day, which is marked on 20 March, Crown Princess Katherine wishes to once again point out the importance of preventive examinations for the preservation of women’s health.

During this week, a mobile mammograph donated by the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, thanks to the Niarchos Foundation generosity, to the Clinical Center Nis, will be placed in Ivanjica, in front of the Health Center. From Monday, 15 March to Sunday, 21 March, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, ladies will be able to have a preventive breast examination in a mobile mammography unit that has been touring Serbia for 12 years and allows women to have this important examination without waiting and scheduling, in order to preserve their health. L’Oréal Balkan is also participating in the action, by enabling every lady who comes for the examination during the specified period to receive a gift package of the L’Oréal products.

“My Foundation has been working for many years to raise awareness among women and the public about early detection of breast cancer. Prevention and screening are very important. Every woman – wife, sister, daughter, mother, or grandmother must take care of her health. Please have regular check-ups, because that is the only way to detect the disease on time and cure it. Dear ladies, please come for a preventive examination, save yourself and your health”, said Crown Princess Katherine.

L’Oréal Balkan has made extremely significant contribution, providing on this occasion the products worth 10,000 Euros as surprise gifts for all ladies who come for the examination.

“Our company, a world leader in cosmetics, has been supporting and encouraging women around the world for decades. We are glad that we have the opportunity to continue on this path and through this cooperation contribute to spreading awareness of the importance of prevention in preserving women’s health in Serbia”, said Vanja Panajotova, L’Oréal’s General Manager for the Adria-Balkan region.

Since its founding in 2001, the Crown Princess Katherine Humanitarian Foundation has been actively involved in raising awareness of the importance of preventing, treating and fighting breast cancer, as well as providing medical equipment to treat the disease.

Thanks to the donation of a mobile digital mammograph to the Clinical Center Nis, more than 135,000 women across our country were examined. The Clinical Center Nis was also helped by the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation with a donation of a digital mammograph and a workstation for a digital mammograph. Also, new medical equipment and reagents used for genetic testing of hereditary predisposition for breast and ovarian cancer were donated to the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia. Under the auspices of Crown Princess Katherine, a “Race for Cure” was organized in Belgrade in 2019, with the goal of raising awareness of women and the entire society in the fight against breast cancer, as well as not forgetting the women who lost the battle with this disease.

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