On the occasion of World Children’s Day, which is celebrated on 20 November, HRH Crown Princess Katherine sent a message to everyone, to pay a lot of attention to children, to hear what they have to say to us and to never forget how much they need our love and support in order to have a better childhood and a safer beginning of adulthood. Children are our greatest treasure, which we must protect and nurture.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation in Belgrade and the offices of the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization in Chicago, New York, Toronto, London and Athens, whose patron is Crown Princess Katherine, pay the most attention to children in their projects. Thousands of smiles on those children are the greatest reward for the work of all the good people who have made their lives better, through selfless charity.

World Children’s Day, as prescribed by UNICEF, is the only commemorative day of the year organized only by children for children. Young people today try to make their voices heard as far and as loud as possible, even if it seems impossible at times. What is important is talking to the children about everything that surrounds them and what makes up their young lives.

“COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected children, just as it affected adults. The closing of schools, the reduced possibility of socializing, the impossibility of giving a sincere hug, in a way distanced children from the time when all of that was much more accessible to them. We must give love to children, point out the problem of less and less time that parents and families spend with their children, we must show empathy towards the youngest and try to provide them with a better and safer future. Children are very smart and honest and believe me, they have a lot to say to us.

I am very grateful to my parents that taught me at a very early age “The Joy of Giving”. I am grateful to them for that! I feel that it is my mission in life. I prayed for an opportunity to give, and God gave me“My King” and a whole country! My parents were big philanthropists and that is what the parents must teach their children.

The five Lifeline’s Foundations abroad and the Crown Princess Katherine’s Foundation in Serbia have a program “Children helping children” so the children can learn “The Joy of Giving” at an early age”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

The Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and the offices of the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization strive to enable children a carefree and happy childhood through their projects. That is why we should wear something blue today, 20 November, which is the color that symbolizes this day, and thus show the whole world that we are ready to make this world more beautiful and better for the lives of our children.

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