Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine delivered today 55 wheelchairs for institutions and organizations across Serbia, in presence of HE Christopher Hill, the Ambassador of the United States of America, and the donors, at the White Palace. This is the continuation of Their Royal Highnesses’ long-time support to institutions and organizations in Serbia, and the needs of people with disabilities.

This valuable donation was made possible thanks to the Wheelchair Foundation which has for many years supported the efforts of Their Royal Highnesses to provide aid to the people of Serbia, the President of the Foundation, Mr. David Behring, and the tremendous generosity of the US Rotary members from Northern California and the Los Angeles / San Diego area, who raised necessary funds for this project. In addition to the wheelchairs, Crown Princess also delivered toys for the children with disabilities today.

The total number of 270 wheelchairs is designated for Serbia, with a total value of more than USD 150,000, from which 215 wheelchairs will be delivered by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation for Uzice Health Centre and Old People’s Home in Belgrade, and Crown Princess Katherine’s Foundation distributed 55 wheelchairs to representatives of 8 institutions today. The delivery was organized in the White Palace and attended by HE Christopher Hill, with his wife Mrs. Julie Hill, Prof. Dr. Alexander Ljubic from the Royal Medical Board, and members of the US Rotary whose generosity made this possible, led by Mr. Richard Flanders, District Governor of Rotary club, who also addressed today and spoke about the humanitarian activities of the Club.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander, as the host, addressed the people present, highlighting the great importance of this donation, which will provide much-needed relief to anyone using a wheelchair. His Royal Highness expressed his gratitude to Mr. Behring, the Wheelchair Foundation, and US Rotary, for their significant contribution, and for them recognizing the significance of Crown Princess Katherine and her Foundation’s work and efforts.

HE Mr. Christopher Hill commended Her Royal Highness and her Foundation for all the aid they are providing for the people of Serbia. He also said that these great efforts are much appreciated and will bring even more benefits to those that need help the most in the future.

Mr. Behring, President of the Wheelchair Foundation, in his speech said that he is very happy to continue the work of his father, previous President of the Foundation, who started cooperation with Crown Princess Katherine for the good of the people of Serbia. Great cooperation between the Wheelchair Foundation and Crown Princess Katherine’s Foundation is longer than a decade – the first donation was in 2006 when together they provided 280 wheelchairs for the medical institutions in Serbia. Crown Prince and Crown Princess are very proud that, for many years now, they are members of the Board of Advisors of the Wheelchair Foundation.

“Wheelchairs are means of living for people with disabilities; they are a necessity for them so they can work, perform everyday responsibilities, and have an independent life. And it is very important to provide wheelchairs to people who can not afford them themselves.

In addition to helping the institutions and organizations, we also want to remind the public of the difficulties that people with disabilities have in their everyday life. That is why it is very important for more people to get involved in this cause, in order to raise the awareness of society. Only in this way, when we are united to support them, we can provide a brighter future for children and persons with disabilities. I want to see them as equal members of society, and I am sure you all share my opinion.

Many great people have made great achievements and contributions to the world and humanity from wheelchairs. Many people are changing the world for the better in wheelchairs, whose achievements will be celebrated in the future. These silent heroes, millions in the world and thousands in Serbia, who care and earn for themselves and their families, deserve our help and support”, stated HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

The facilities which received donations are: Special Psychiatric Hospital “Gornja Toponica”, Association for cerebral and children’s palsy of Serbia, Home for children and persons with difficulties in intellectual development “Dr. Nikola Sumenković”, Stamnica, Home for children and youth without parental care “Hristina Markesic”, Aleksinac, Home for protection of children, infants and youth Zvecanska, Belgrade, Elementary school “The 6th October”, Kikinda, Home for Accommodation of Elderly Kulina, and Association for providing support to families with children with developmental difficulties “Sidro” from Kragujevac.

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