Projekti Fondacije Nj.K.V. Princeze Katarine

Institution: Hospitals in Serbia

Equipment: 6 electric intensive care beds for hospitals (Striker ICU beds), 3 pediatric patient examination beds, 380 hospital bed mattresses, 30 infusion stands, 2 sterilizers (Autoclaves for dry sterilization) , 5 walking sticks, 5 night stands, 200 crutches, 10 crutches for children, 315 bedpans and urinals, 40 walkers.
Cost: 553,680 EUR

Institution: Public Institution Home for Children and Youth without parental care “Rada Vranjesevic”
Equipment: “Opel Vivaro” van for the transport of children
Cost: 15,000 EUR

Institution: 125 wheelchairs for 10 facilities across Serbia
Equipment: 125 wheelchairs
Cost: 38,000 EUR

Institution: Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija
Equipment: food and ingredients
Cost: more than 8.878 EUR

Donors: Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization, Sveti Sava Sister Kolo from Milwaukee, USA and companies Zito Backa and Sunoko who operate as a part of MK Group system, Moravka Pro, Victoria Group as well as DM (Drogerie Market)

Institution: Home for Children and Persons with Disabilities “Dr.Nikola Sumenkovic” in Stamnica
Equipment: Van for transporting persons with disabilities
Cost: around 13,500 EUR

Institution: Special Hospital for Lung Diseases “Ozren” in Sokobanja
Equipment: 92 hospital beds with mattresses, fully equipped ambulance car, fiberscope and computers
Cost: 100,000 EUR
Donors: Dr. Laycock and Lifeline Chicago

Institution: “Jovan Ducic” primary school, Bijeljina, RS
Equipment: The furnace/boiler and heating installation
Cost: 8,000 EUR
Donors: Lifeline Chicago and Abbess Mother Ana Radetic

Institution: Health Center “Žabalj”
Equipment: FIAT 500L
Cost: 10,110 EUR
Donors: Lifeline Humanitarian Organization Canada

Institution: Mentally Handicapped Children and Youth “Veternik”.
Equipment: fiber-optic bronchoscope
Cost: 14,000 Euros
Donors: action “Aid for Babies” created with Mr. Ivan Ivanovic

Institution: elementary school “19 April” in Derventa
Equipment: 14 computers for the IT cabinet
Cost: 6,000 EUR
Donors: Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization

Institution: Health Center Negotin
Equipment: “Fiat Punto” vehicle
Donors: Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and Fiat Automobili Srbija

Institution: Hospitals and Associations throughout Serbia.
Equipment: 280 wheelchairs
Donors: Lifeline Humanitarian Organization, together with Vlade and Ana Divac raised by Charity event “Majestic Evening of Hope” in San Francisco In July 2006.

Institution: Serbian Orthodox Church and Homes for children without parental care from entire Serbia
Equipment: furniture
Donors: HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation

Equipment: 6 ultrasound apparatus (one ultrasound apparatus is 20.000 euros)
Cost: 120,000 EUR
Donors: HRH Princess Katherine Foundation, Lifeline – North America, Jefferson Ultrasound Institute, Stavros S. Niarkos Foundation

Institution: Help for Serbian hospital
Equipment: medical equipment and supplies
Cost: $ 1,000,000 *58,8877/72,7204 809.773 EUR
Donors: humanitarian organization “Ambassadors for Children”, “Riverview” hospital in Noblesville, near Indianapolis

Institution: endangered citizens and children in Kosovo
Cost: 5,000 EUR
Donors: HRH Princess Katherine Foundation

Institution: Priboj hospital
Equipment: Ambulance and operation lamp
Donors: Foundation of HRH Crown Princess Katherine

Institution: Health Center Brus
Cost: € 4,500
Donors: Foundation of HRH Crown Princess Katherine

Institution: Banja Luka Clinical Center
Donors: Foundation of HRH Crown Princess Katherine