Institution: Regional Hospital in Uzice, Hospital Cacak, Health Center in Gornji MilanovacEquipment: CTG apparatus, a Sterilizer and a ECG machine (Uzice), CTG apparatus, a Sterilizer and a Vacuum Extractor (Cacak), CTG apparatus, a Sterilizer, a Vacuum Extractor and one warm table ( Gornji Milanovac)

Cost: 25,000 EUR



Institution: elementary school in Goracici, Uzice General Hospital

Equipment: renovation worth (elementary school in Goracici) and electric beds with power transformers for the intensive care (Uzice General Hospital)

Cost: 8.905 EUR (renovation)+ 35.619 EUR (hospital beds);

Donors: Lifeline Humanitarian Organization Chicago in cooperation with Dr. Daniel  Djuraskovic Megler and Trimedix Foundation


Institution: Health Center in Uzice

Equipment: Fiat 500L car

Cost: 9.629 EUR

Donors: Lifeline Canada Humanitarian Organization


Institution: General Hospital Uzice and Orphanage “Petar Radovanovic”.

Equipment:  operating table, operating lamp, anaesthesia machine with monitoring, thermo cautery unit and an ultrasound machine

Cost: 180,000 EUR

Donors: Lifeline New York


Institution: Health Center Uzice

Equipment: dialysis machine and an ECG

Cost: €12,000

Donors: Foundation of HRH Crown Princess Katherine

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