Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization forwarded a donation to the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, worth 22,000 US dollars for the elementary school in the village of Suvi Do, Zagubica municipality. The donation was provided thanks to the generosity of the people with a good heart from the Pittsburgh Tri-State Committee, the Three Kolo Group of Lansing and Joliet, Illinois, the Ambassador Group of the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago and the John and Mildred Medic Wuchenich Foundation.

The elementary school in the village of Suvi Do has been renovated so that the children can attend classes carefree and safe. The school received new floors, heating stoves, windows and doors, school furniture, educational materials, toys, books for the library, and students’ backpacks with school supplies.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine expressed great gratitude for the aid provided to this school: “I am happy to know that today you have a renovated school, which can meet all the needs of the children and teachers. I am glad that our people in the diaspora want to help their country and have not forgotten their homeland. God bless our donors for helping our children!

In all the 25 years that have passed since I established the first Lifeline office with a few of my friends, a lot of things have been done, schools and kindergartens have been built, hospitals and homes for orphans have been helped. Two weeks ago, we helped another school in the municipality of Zagubica, in the village of Bliznak, and my Foundation and I will continue to help as much as we can. I wish our children a lot of success in the new school year!”

Ms. Suncica Jovic, school principal, pointed out that this donation means a lot to the school and students and thanked the donors who made this donation possible, as well as the Chicago-based Lifeline Humanitarian Organization and HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

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