The British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) and the Dutch-Serbian Business Association (DSBA) organised last night a charity event called “Christmas reception and carols from the White Palace” to support traditional Christmas receptions for children in need that Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine will host at the White Palace on 5 January 2023.

Their Royal Highnesses every year traditionally welcome and bring joy to over one thousand orphans, children with special needs, and socially vulnerable children at these holiday receptions, and it is a tradition they have started immediately after their return to Serbia in 2001.

The evening started with a musical program, where people greatly enjoyed the performances of Vasa Stajkić and Nevena Reljin, accompanied by Milan Milošević and Milica Jovanović who played instrumentals and the Baruch Brothers choir. The conductor was Stefan Zekić. The formal reception began after the beautiful Christmas carols performance, followed by charity raffle prize draw at the end of the evening.

Due to previously arranged obligations abroad, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine could not attend the event, but Her Royal Highness’s letter was read by Mrs. Jadranka Dervišević Kitarić, UK Executive Director of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

“As someone who dedicated their lives to helping those that are in need, regardless of their age, race, religion, we very well know how challenging the path of philanthropy is, but also how much joy and happiness it brings you, knowing that you have touched someone’s life, that you have changed it for better. A sincere smile on the face of a child you have helped is the biggest and most valuable prize in the world. The most precious gift our orphans can receive is the knowledge that they have not been forgotten and that they are loved.

Thank you very much for supporting the needs of our children, for your willingness and determination to provide them with help and support, and for bringing them joy for the holidays and the true spirit of Christmas”, stated Crown Princess Katherine in her letter.

On behalf of the BSCC, Mrs. Jadranka Dervišević Kitarić added: “We and our good friends at the Dutch-Serbian Business Association were delighted to organise this event to support such an important cause. We, and our members, embrace fully our social responsibility and are aware of the positive impact this will have on vulnerable children.”

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine are very grateful to The British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch-Serbian Business Association for organising the event, as well as to all the companies who supported this charity: Zepter (Platinum Sponsor), Factory, Deurić Winery and Heineken (Golden Sponsors), Maruška Studio, Drina River Glamping, g3 Spirits, MD Adria, CMM Investment Group, Parlons Design, Basket Zdravija Hrana Made By Hand, PME Cake, Destilеrija Margan, Companies Connected, The Chedi Hotel, Delhaize, Mios Service, G4S, Grafolik Printing House, Gale catering, NIKO Wine and many others (Silver Sponsors).

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