Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago through HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation has provided computers and printers for schoolchildren at schools and orphanages throughout Serbia, thanks to a generous donation from Mr. Avery Stirrat and Mrs. Nada Cemovich Stirratt, supporters of Lifeline Chicago.

Mr. Avery Stirratt and Mrs. Nada Cemovich Stirratt donated much-needed 36 computers and 6 printers, with additional cartridges and printing paper, valued over $25,000. Thanks to this vital donation, the children living in orphanages will be able to learn, follow new trends, and develop their potential and creativity with modern technology.

New computer equipment was received by the Homes for Children and Youth in Sombor, Bela Crkva, and Aleksinac, the Home for Children with Developmental Disabilities in Subotica, as well as the Schools for Primary and Secondary Education in Krusevac.

“I am very grateful to Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization and their generous donors who have provided the children with the opportunity to learn and have fun using modern technology. Thanks to these humane people, the children from orphanages know that we always think of them and we try to help them have a carefree and happy childhood”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

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