HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and Mrs. Anka Erne continue together to help the Covid Hospital in Kragujevac by providing additional vitamins needed to treat patients.

The donation of vitamin D and Zinc with vitamin C in the amount of more than $ 2,000 is a continuation of the generous help to the Covid Hospital in Kragujevac, which Mrs. Anka Erne helped at the beginning of the year, when a large amount of surgical face masks, protective gloves, medicines (vitamin C and probiotic) were procured for the hospital, as well as brushes and brooms for maintaining the hospital’s hygiene. Thanks to Mrs. Anka Erne and the engagement of the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, equipment and medicines in the amount of over 7,000 euros were provided for the needs of the hospital.

“My husband and I are extremely grateful to the donor Mrs. Anka Erne who provided help for the hospital in Kragujevac. It is very important, especially at this time when doctors, nurses and other medical staff are fighting heroically against the coronavirus, to have everything they need to work with. They risk their lives every day, to save the lives of others. We have to help them and support them, “said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

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