Crown Prince and Crown Princess deliver humanitarian aid to citizens of Obrenovac

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine, accompanied by Mrs Betty Roumeliotis, sister of Princess Katherine, visited Obrenovac today and delivered humanitarian aid to 60 families whose homes were destroyed during May flooding. They gave home appliances (refrigerators, stoves …), food parcels, hygienic items, baby items, bedclothes and school supplies. Their Royal  Highnesses visited several families in Obrenovac in their homes.

This humanitarian aid was provided by Humanitarian Lifeline organizations in Chicago and New York whose patron HRH is Princess Katherine.

“My wife, my son Prince Peter and I came to Obrenovac immediately after flooding in May, in order to be with the citizens of Obrenovac since this disaster has begun and to help them.  We have been astonished with what we have seen. We are very concerned about citizens of Obrenovac who still do not have homes rebuilt before the winter. As you can see, the cold days are here, and their homes are still not ready. We can see that many people still live in a hotel. We brought home appliances beside food, baby and hygienic items, but many people do not have homes to put those items in. My family and I are very sad about that, and we will continue to collect aid not just for citizens of Obrenovac, but for all our citizens who lost their homes during flooding”, said Crown Prince Alexander.

Princess Katherine added that she, Crown Prince Alexander and their sons visited Obrenovac many times since the natural disaster in May, and that thanks to her Lifeline Humanitarian offices in London, New York, Chicago, Toronto and Athens, they brought humanitarian aid not only to many citizens of Obrenovac, but also to other towns in Serbia as well. “We are very concerned about our citizens, winter is coming it is very cold and situation is still very grave. There are lot of problems, and we do our best to help. We have done it until now, we will do so in the future, as well”, said Princess Katherine.

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