The HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, which is under the patronage of Her Royal Highness, continue their support of the Vozdovac Health Center in Belgrade, Serbia with their most recent donation of necessary medical equipment.

The ENT Department and the Home Care Department of this Center were the recipients of this most recent contribution, which was made possible by an incredibly generous donation from Mr. and Mrs. David and Nada Stepanovich, who recently visited the Health Center last September to oversee the first delivery of new medical equipment to the Center at that time, and the Three Kolo Group – The Circle of Serbian Sisters of St. George of Joliet, Illinois, The Circle of Serbian Sisters Kneginja Zorka of Lansing, Illinois, and The Circle of Serbian Sisters of St. Archangel Michael of Lansing, Illinois.

This most recent donation consisted of the following new equipment: a tympanometry apparatus, 15 medical satchels for home treatment, 20 oximeters, 5 first aid kits also equipped with ENT equipment, 5 stethoscopes, 5 analog blood pressure monitors, 17 otoscope sets, and 4 penlight sets.

“Every donation to our health centres and hospitals brings me comfort and joy because I know that it will help many lives to be saved, and for many patients receive better treatment. That is why this donation from Mr. David and Mrs. Nada Stepanovich and the sisters from the Three Kolo Group is so important, and I am very grateful to them and Lifeline Chicago, for once again being determined to help, and not forgetting the needs of the people of Serbia.

Our medical staff, our doctors, nurses, technicians are wonderful people of great knowledge and expertise, who wholeheartedly help their patients, and they need every possible support in their noble work”, stated HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

“I would like to thank, on behalf of myself and the employees of Community Health Center Vozdovac, HRH Crown Princess Katherine, Mr. and Mrs. Stepanovic, the Three Kolo Group of Serbian sisters, and the Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization for every donation they have donated to our institution. Your selfless helping hand shows how noble you are.

On average, our institution treats 354,000 patients annually, of which 20% are children, and that’s why we greatly appreciate this support to our work to preserve health,” said Dr. Nevenka Velicković, General Director of the “Vozdovac” Community Health Center.

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