Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine, continue their monumental support of children in need in Serbia and in the Republic of Srpska. Through Crown Princess Katherine Foundation in Belgrade, help was provided to Vera Radivojevic Home for Children and Youth in Bela Crkva, Serbia in order to assist their valuable work.

The funding of the assistance to this Home was made possible by the generous donors and volunteers per Lifeline Chicago’s 5th Annual Golf Outing, which was held in Florida on the 1st of April 2023, and organized by dedicated and tireless Lifeline Chicago supporter, Mr. Rade Savich.

As a result of this fundraising event, 8 round dining tables, 45 dining chairs, 45 sets of bedsheets, 15 pillows, 10 children’s suitcases, one Bluetooth speaker, five sets of rollerblades with protective equipment, seven scooters, and five bicycles were delivered to this Home.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine is very grateful to all supporters of Lifeline Chicago and the Serbian diaspora for their numerous times proven dedication to the Serbian people, great sense of generosity, and philanthropy, and for making a difference in people’s everyday lives.

“I am very happy that, once again, with joint efforts, we were successful in gathering good-hearted people who share the same vision and who are willing to do good deeds in order to make the world a better place for everyone. Many thanks to all the generous donors, and especially to Mr. Rade Savich, who recognized the needs of institutions in Serbia, and especially the needs of children who are without parental care. Vera Radivojevic Home for children and youth and its employees, is one of many social welfare institutions in Serbia that are working tirelessly for the better future of those who need love, warm support, and guidance during the most sensitive period in their lives. It was so rewarding and moving, to see the genuine smile on children’s faces, knowing that we were privileged to help wonderful children and an outstanding team of professionals from the Vera Radivojevic Home.

The people of Serbia are always happy to know they have true and honest friends who, although living far from Serbia, do not forget those who are in need in our country”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

Director of Vera Radivojevic Home for Children and Youth in Bela Crkva, Mr. Zoran Stankovic, expressed his sincere gratitude to Crown Princess Katherine, Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, and Mr. Rade Savich for their valuable support and generosity, that will make their daily work with beneficiaries much easier and better.

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