HRH Crown Princess Katherine, together with Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, continues to provide significant support to women in Serbia and Republika Srpska through “The Economic Empowerment of Female Victims of Violence Project.” This endeavour aims to enable women in safe houses and shelters in finding employment and achieving financial independence upon leaving these institutions more easily.

Through a donation from Lifeline Chicago to the Maternal Home in Belgrade, two sewing machines and all necessary materials and tools for tailor/sewing courses have been purchased for the institution’s tailoring workshop, in an effort to provide training to the underage mothers who reside at this Home. In addition, sewing courses at Studio Lenart are being paid for two young mothers who are residents of this Home.

This generous donation is being utilized to teach and impart practical skills, which would lead to much-improved prospects for future employment and financial independence. The funds for this project were raised by the publishing and sales of the “Cooking with Love” cookbook, which was created by a distinguished group of selfless and dedicated supporters of Lifeline Chicago.

“Women who are victims of violence, both verbal and physical, are surviving most difficult, unimaginable experiences. There is nothing that can completely heal the wounds these poor girls endure daily. Therefore, this initiative aims not only to provide material assistance but also to raise awareness about the seriousness of the issue of violence in our society.

Our women need to know that someone stands by them, protects them, advocates for them, and works to reduce violence and discrimination. We all must work together to make them feel safe, to know they are not alone, and that there is someone ready to help them. My Foundation in Belgrade, as well as the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization offices abroad, which are all under my patronage, continue to support and assist safe houses and women victims of violence, as we strive to make the world a better place to live.

I extend my gratitude to all the generous people, supporters of Lifeline Chicago, who participated in the creation of the recipe book, thereby helping the beneficiaries of safe houses in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska” stated HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

 “We recognized the need for mastering life skills as potential for future employment of the young mothers, as well as satisfying their personal needs. On behalf of the team of the Maternal Home and all the mothers at the accommodation, we thank HRH Crown Princess Katherine, her Foundation and of course the benefactors of Lifeline Chicago for their great contribution to our Center,” said Mrs. Snežana Milovanović, head of the Home.

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