Crown Princess Katherine appeals to women in Serbia to take care of their health

Over 1400 women in Serbia suffer from cervical cancer, and Serbia is the fourth country in Europe regarding mortality rate. Raising awareness, public discussions and accessibility of health care is the best prevention in order to overcome the devastating statistics. The tenth European week of prevention of cervical cancer is under way right now. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine is extending the following message on that occasion:

“Our women are making heroic efforts in taking care of their families and working for the benefit of all. By trying to be the best mothers, wives and friends, they often forget to take care of themselves. I appeal to all women of Serbia to take care of their health. By taking care of your heath, at the same time you are taking care of your loved ones, because your good health is precondition for healthier lives and the well-being of your families. In that way we will have a strong foundation to build a stronger and healthier society. I would like to emphasize that medical checkups that cover screening, prevention and vaccination programmes are of vital importance and that they will help you to avoid and cure these preventable diseases. Please be assured of my true admiration and gratefulness for everything you have been doing.

My husband Crown Prince Alexander and I have always thought that the health of the female population is a priority for our country. As you know we have actively supported fight against this heinous disease by multiple activities. My Foundation has been supporting and helping institutions for prevention of different types of cancers over several years in the past, and I am fully aware of all the obstacles that are still ahead of us. It is very important that Serbia develops and implements a National strategy for the prevention of cervical cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer, and that we start a comprehensive prevention programmes. It is also of outmost importance that we take part in the European network of organizations that are active in this field. My husband Crown Prince Alexander and I will continue to support the Ministry of Health and their efforts in this area, and I hope that we will manage together to do a lot in improving women’s health in our country”- said Crown Princess Katherine.

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