Crown Princess Katherine delivered another valuable donation to University Children’s Hospital

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine visited today the University Children’s Hospital and donated transesophageal probe for pediatric echocardiography worth of 26,000 euros to the Department of Pediatric Cardiology. The funds for the purchase of the probe were provided thanks to Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization whose patron is Crown Princess Katherine.

Crown Princess Katherine in her speech pointed out she was very happy she provided two valuable devices to the University Children’s Hospital over the past 15 days, thanks to her humanitarian organizations abroad. Fifteen days ago it was a patient monitor for the intensive care unit worth 10,000 euros, which was purchased thanks to Lifeline New York Humanitarian Organization, whose patron is Her Royal Highness, and today it is the probe for the Pediatric Cardiology worth 26,000 euros, which was purchased thanks to Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization, whose patron is also the Crown Princess. Expressing her gratitude to the Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization for providing generous support to the projects of the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, Her Royal Highness also noted:

“I hope that this probe will help in providing better care of your little patients and saving more young lives. My husband Crown Prince Alexander and I will continue to help your hospital, with our generous friends, as before”.

Crown Princess Katherine has been constantly helping the University Children’s Hospital for more than two decades, and she donated the first machine to this institution exactly twenty-two years ago.

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