Crown Princess Katherine donates modern hospital beds to Clinical Hospital Center Dragisa Misovic

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine visited today Clinical Hospital Center Dragisa Misovic in Belgrade and delivered 10 very advanced hospital Striker beds to the Intensive care unit, total value of 75.000 EUR. This donation was made with support of Lifeline Canada and Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organisations, whose Patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

These beds were used only for three years in American hospitals. An individual bed costs 7.500 EUR, they are in an excellent condition and special anti-bed sores mattresses are provided, donation of Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organisation. These beds will greatly improve patients’ recovery in the Intensive care unit.

Princess Katherine emphasized in her speech that her husband Crown Prince Alexander and she will continue to support this health institution in the future, as they have been doing in the past. Crown Princess will visit Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara on Saturday and deliver 10 “Striker” hospital beds and 2 gynecological tables.

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