Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine, together with the Her Royal Highness’ Foundation in Belgrade, provided 25 mattresses, 30 bedding sets, 50 pillows, 30 plasticized mattress covers and day bedspreads for the Children’s Home “Vasa Stajic” in Belgrade. Also, three living rooms were equipped with bookshelves, a TV stand with a TV, a sofa, an armchair, a carpet, decorative pillows, paintings and a table with six chairs. Each room received a new learning section – desks, chairs, computers, and cork boards. Also, a color printer was provided for the “Vasa Stajic” Home.

This was made possible thanks to generous donors: Mr. John and Mrs. Lana Vujicic, and family, The John and Mildred Medic Wuchenich Foundation, Three Kolo Group (Circle of Serbian Sisters of St. George in Joliet, Illinois, Circle of Serbian Sisters of Kneginja Zorka in Lansing, Illinois, and Circle of Serbian Sisters St. Archangel Michael in Lansing, Illinois), Mr. Avery Stirratt and Mrs. Nada Cemovich Stirratt.

“Many thanks to our dear friends who got involved in this project and thus enabled the children to have better conditions in this Home. It is very important that the children at that age acquire digital literacy as part of social development. I am very happy to see that we are united in the idea that such projects are being realized and that we are able to help the children who need help”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

“On behalf of the Children’s Home “Vasa Stajic”, I would like to thank the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and all the donors for equipping the children’s bedrooms and living rooms, which will improve the conditions and make their daily stay in our institution more comfortable. Great heart and humaneness were shown this time, too, even during the pandemic, when we have limited possibilities. The nobility and support we receive from our donors is of great importance for our institution. We will work on maintaining the very good cooperation we have with the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, who has supported us for years. It turned out once again that charity and humaneness have no borders, and we are only here to accept them with open arms and hand them over to the children of our institution”, said Mrs. Anita Buzejic Subaric, the principal of the Children’s Home “Vasa Stajic”.

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