Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine delivered a 3D mammography machine worth $300,000 to the Centre for Radiology at the Clinical Centre Nis, as well as a General Electric patient monitor worth $10,000 for the Paediatric Surgery and Orthopaedics within the same Centre. The Crown Princess Katherine Foundation provided this important mammography donation in cooperation with the United States company Hologic Inc, while the patient monitor was donated by Lifeline New York Humanitarian Organization, whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

During their visit to the Clinical Centre Nis, Their Royal Highnesses were accompanied by HE Mr. Kyle Scott, Ambassador of the United States of America to Serbia and Mr. Momcilo Miric, a representative Hologic in Serbia.

“My Foundation donated a mobile mammography to the Clinical Centre Nis in 2009 and to this day it has examined more than 100,000 women. I am happy that the American company Hologic has realized how much my Foundation is fighting to prevent breast cancer and has donated this $300,000 mammography machine. I am certain that this machine is in the right hands and will enable you to further improve the quality of work, as well as to have a better and faster diagnosis of breast cancer. I thank once again His Excellency Mr. Scott and Mr. Miric for being with us here today. That is not all, for today we are also delivering a General Electric new patient monitor worth $10,000 to the paediatric clinic here, within the Clinical Centre, I am very grateful to the Lifeline New York for this donation”, said Crown Princess Katherine in her address.

Prof. Dr. Zoran Radovanovic, the director of the Clinical Centre Nis and Dr. Zlatko Siric, the director of the Centre for Radiology of the Clinical Centre Nis, thanked HRH Crown Princess Katherine, her foundations and Hologic for donating such an important medical machine and expressed their desire to continue successful humanitarian cooperation.

Center for palliative care in Knez selo was opened in July 2013 with support of Dr Elaine Laycock who is medical advisor of Lifeline United Kingdom, and who has been diligently working together with Princess Katherine on improving palliative care in Nis and all over Serbia for many years. Princess Katherine emphasized once more the importance of Centers for palliative care and that her Foundation will continue to improve the level of care for these patients.

The Crown Princess Katherine Foundation has been advocating breast cancer prevention since its founding. This is already the fifth mammography machine donation delivered by The Crown Princess Katherine Foundation that will improve the conditions of diagnosis and treatment of this disease in Serbia, and helping the children’s hospitals with new equipment is a priority from the very beginning of the Crown Princess Foundation’s work.

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