Crown Princess Katherine hosts International Women’s Day Lunch at Royal Palace

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine with her daughter Mrs Alison Andrews hosted today a traditional “Ladies’ Lunch” in honor of March 8 – International Women’s Day at the Royal Palace in Belgrade, for the wives of Serbia’s top state officials, lady ambassadors, wives of ambassadors and representatives of international organizations in Serbia. Over forty representatives of foreign countries and organizations attended the luncheon.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine welcomed the distinguished guests and emphasized that it is important that the ladies who live in Serbia, but coming from other countries, understand and support humanitarian efforts to aid the most vulnerable people in Serbia. The Crown Princess pointed out the importance of supporting projects and activities aimed at improving women’s health, particularly the fight against cancer.

“Women have always been a factor of cohesion in our society, the silent majority that has supported growth and change. Experience teaches us that women are often more receptive to social problems and injustices, and that they better understand the problems of everyday life. That is why we have to fight for women to be equally represented in public life, as well as in decision making about the future of this country. Seven years ago my Foundation launched a program for cervical and breast cancer prevention, tackling two major health problems of our women. As daughters, wives and mothers, we have the responsibility to our families and our society to take care of ourselves. I will try as much as I can to help preserve the health of women in our country and I will always be with you! I congratulate the International Women’s Day to all women in our country and I take this opportunity to express my admiration for their courage and perseverance they have shown in the past, during hard times, and which they continue to show. I want you to know, I am always with you” – said Crown Princess Katherine.

Among the guests were HE Mrs Maja Gojkovic, Speaker of the Parliament, Mrs Tamara Vucic, wife of the Prime Minister of Serbia, HE Dr Vera Jovanovska-Tipko, Ambassador of Macedonia, HE Mrs Narinder Chauhan, Ambassador of India, HE Mrs Isabela Cristina de Acevedo Heyvaert, Ambassador of Brazil, Mrs Beatrice Grozdanic, advisor to the Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, many ambassadors wives and other members of the diplomatic corps.

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