HRH Crown Princess Katherine with great pleasure gave an interview to Gloria Magazine, in which she gave answers to current questions and once again emphasized her commitment to providing help to the people of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, where the love gives her the energy to continue her work, and that perseverance on this life mission is her obligation towards our folks as well as all wonderful people who are supporting her work for almost 3 decades.

The text, which was published in the printed edition of the Gloria Magazine number 998 on 17 October 2022 is available below. We sincerely thank Mr. Boris Jakić on the realization of the interview.


Crown Princess Katherine Karadjordjevic reveals to us why she dramatically lost weight and presents the details from Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and meeting the new British monarch, King Charles III


Although many got worried for her health when they saw the photos from Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, Crown Princess Katherine Karadjordjevic (78) explains that there is no reason for worrying. Drastically thinner than we were used to see her, she continues her humanitarian activities, aware that the smile of the people who are receiving help is the biggest award.

You have visibly lost weight in recent weeks.  What is the reason for that?

– First of all, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to speak to your magazine, it is always a pleasure. Actually, the weight-loss did not happen recently, it happened in the period of the last two years. I was under a lot of pressure, with so much that was going on at the time… I am not made of stone, stressful situations affect me, I am only human. But I am continuing my work, which I know is very important.

Every life is a journey, there are and always will be challenging barriers and unfortunate distractions on the way, they come and go, but no matter what, we continue, because there are people who need our help and are waiting for our support.  The love for the people, and that we receive from them, is what helps me continue.

Is there any reason to worry?

– No, there is no reason to worry, and thank you very much for your concern. I would also like to thank all the people who were thinking of me. I am feeling good and continuing with my mission, which is something I owe to the people of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, but also to all the wonderful people who have for so many years generously and wholeheartedly supported efforts of my husband and me and helped me to provide for our country. Helping our people – that is the purpose of us coming to live in our country.

Do you have the energy to continue the humanitarian activities to which you are committed?

– When you do something out of love, the energy comes, and I hope that the others will follow my example as well in helping those in need. We came to Serbia to give not to take.

There are so many people who need our help and support, and we can not stop. This is a life mission, which can be hard and difficult, but when you see an honest smile on the face of a person you have helped – believe me, there is no greater prize in life. There is no greatest pleasure than knowing you have made a difference in someone’s life, that you have changed it for better.

I was inspired and set on this life-long journey by my parents, who were great humanitarians and philanthropists in Greece. At my early age, they taught me that there is no greatest joy in life than the joy of giving and I learned by their own example.

But I got even more inspiration when I met and married my husband Crown Prince Alexander. Meeting him was an answer to my prayers. Seeing the great love which he has for his nation inspired me to focus humanitarian activities on the people we admire and respect, the same nation I fell in love immediately.

I know my wish to help everyone could not be possible without our dear friends, donors of great heart who have, for more than 25 years, supported our homeland and the hard work and efforts of the work of 5 Humanitarian organizations Lifeline, which I am very proud to be patron of.

What are the strongest impressions that you brought from London from the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II?

– Before all, the most important impression is how deeply, strongly, and truly she was loved by her family, the people who knew her personally, but also her nation. The entire ceremony was very solemn, everything was done so this remarkable woman was honoured most appropriately, as she deserved. Also, besides deep grief, you could also feel everywhere the hope and firm determination that her legacy must keep living.

How do you remember Queen Elizabeth II?

– As a very wise, strong woman, a true role model for everybody. I will also always so deeply appreciate and keep memory of every time we had a chance of meeting her and enjoying her company, and how she always received us with great respect and affection at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

I need to mention how very caring she was for my husband, how kind she was, and being always available for him, and very happy to see him. After all, she was his Godmother, and her father, King George VI, was his Godfather, they baptized him at the Westminster Abbey, and this important ceremony was performed by Patriarch Gavrilo and Saint Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic, and it is well known what “kumstvo” means for us Serbs (I am Greek by birth, but I am proud Serbian by my heart, and I deeply and equally love both of my homelands, that is why I say “us Serbs”).

I will always remember HM the Queen coming to my husband’s 50th birthday. In 1995, I organized his celebration at Claridge’s Hotel in London – the very same place where he was born. The Queen came, which made all of us so happy and proud, as well as many Royals around the world that were present as well at this most memorable birthday of my husband. I remember how the Queen and my husband were dancing, and she asked him, before he blew his candles, what his wish for his 60th birthday was. He replied: “To be home, with my people, in my country.”

Have you met the new British monarch, King Charles III?

– Yes, we have, day before the funeral Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla held the reception at Buckingham Palace for heads of state and members of the Royal families, it was also a very dignifying event. My husband and I spoke with King and Queen Consort, as well as all other members of the United Kingdom family, including Prince and Princess of Wales – William and Katherine… Losing a parent is never easy, and you can only imagine how it is for the King who does not have much time to mourn, because he, as you all could see, immediately had to take on his Royal duties. My husband and King Charles have a very strong bond and true friendship with mutual respect and love from a very young age, since they went to school together, Gordonstoun School in Moray, Scotland.

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