On World Humanitarian Day, which has since 2008 celebrated the initiative of the United Nations every year on 19 August, HRH Crown Princess Katherine sends her message to all the people who provide help to those who are in need, and support the dedicated work of humanitarians worldwide, so that we can all create a better world.

“I send my congratulations to all humanitarian workers on World Humanitarian Day and want to praise you all for all the dedication, selflessness, and devotion you provide to those that are in need. Your everyday efforts are making a huge difference in the lives of the people who are suffering. And it should not be forgotten that many humanitarians are risking their lives to provide for those who need help.

There are so many tragic fates, and I have seen very well in my own work how the smallest contribution can make a positive impact on somebody’s life. A small effort can make such a huge difference. When we are united and working together, we can do much more. That is why I call upon all people who have kindness in their hearts and care for others, to give their contribution, to helping those who are less fortunate than us. Once you engage yourself in humanitarian work, you will see that there is no greater joy in life than the joy of giving. It is something that my parents taught me by their own example, and that I want everybody not only to know but to feel. That way, we will create a better, nicer world for everybody. We must deliver humanitarian help for all those in need regardless of religion or ethnic origin.” stated HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

As stated on the United Nations website, the World Humanitarian Day was established to remember the day of 19 August 2003, when a bomb attack on the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq, killed 22 humanitarian aid workers, including the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello. Five years later, the General Assembly adopted a resolution designating 19 August as World Humanitarian Day (WHD).

Every year, WHD focuses on a theme, bringing together partners from across the humanitarian system to advocate for the survival, well-being, and dignity of people affected by crises, and for the safety and security of aid workers.

This year, the highlight is on the immediate human cost of the climate crisis by pressuring world leaders to take meaningful climate action for the world’s most vulnerable people. WHD is a campaign led by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and humanitarian partners.

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