Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine Foundation received a donation of two new neonatal hearing screening equipment for the Clinical Center in Nis and Narodni Front Hospital in Belgrade. The donation is worth more than $10,000 and was provided by Dr. Daniel Megler from Detroit, an otolaryngologist of Serbian origin, with over 55 years of experience in the medical field, who is living and working in the United States.

This equipment will help identify the impairment of the newborn babies of which 15% have hearing impairment after birth, some of those impairments are mild and 5% are severe forms that require implantation of a hearing implant.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine has been working for years to raise awareness and help with this issue and knowing previously mentioned facts, she established a Hearing Screening committee to strive for all the children in Serbia to be tested soon after birth so that if there is a hearing problem, doctors can react immediately.

In cooperation with Dr. Megler the Foundation of HRH Crown Princess Katherine organized trips for hearing impaired children training at a camp in Detroit, Michigan. The trip was organized for teachers and children from “Stefan Decanski” special school from Serbia. HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation supported a similar camp of “Stefan Decanski” special school, organized and based on the knowledge and the experience these teachers gained at the camp in the United States.

“I am thankful to God for having friends like Dr. Megler, who is a world known otolaryngologist expert, who understands and supports our efforts to reduce the number of permanently deaf children in Serbia. My Foundation has a very long and productive cooperation with Dr. Daniel Megler and The Holy Institute. I am especially looking forward to the first Serbian Nursing Diaspora Conference 15-17 April 2021. One of the speakers at this important conference will be Dr. Megler with his team on the subject Hearing Screening”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

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