FIFTH ONCOLOGY CONFERENCE OPENS IN BELGRADE – Exchange of knowledge and gathering of top experts from the field of Oncology and Radiology

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine officially opened Fifth Oncology Conference at Hyatt Hotel in Belgrade. The two days conference will present latest news, experience of local and international doctors, as well as the current situation in Serbia in the fields of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical  and lung cancer.

Organizers of the symposium are Crown Princess Katherine Humanitarian Foundation, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center from New York, Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia and Institute for Pulmonary diseases of Vojvodina in Sremska Kamenica.

The start of the Conference was marked by address of Princess Katherine, as well as of Dr Meho Mahmutovic, State secretary at Ministry of Health of Serbia, who read a letter of Dr Zlatibor Loncar, Minister of health of Serbia, Prof. Dr Radan Dzodic, director of Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Prof. Dr Ilija Andrijevic, director of Institute for Pulmonary diseases of Vojvodina and Doc. Dr Zoran Gojkovic, Secretary of Health of Vojvodina. There is over 500 doctors registered for this conference, and lecturers are top experts from Serbia and other countries.

Since the first Conference in 2008, topics of screening and diagnostics of breast cancer, lung cancer and other cancers have been covered, with more than 2000 doctors from Serbia taking part. Conference is organized for doctors from Clinical centers, hospitals and primary health care units from all over Serbia, in order for them to gain knowledge about most advanced ways of treatment, experience and achievemnts, and to improve patient treatment. Conference has been accredited with Serbian Health Council for medical doctors, pharmacologists, biochemists and health associates.

Princess Katherine and her Humanitarian Foundation have been working for years on education and raising awareness about cancer prevention. Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine have donated the most advanced and first mobile mammography unit at that moment in 2009 to Clinical center Nis. That unit was worth 900,000 EUR and over 100,000 patients were examined by it.

Royal Couple have also donated mammography machines to radiology department of Cuprija General Hospital and Clinical center Bezanijska Kosa in Belgrade, as well as two ultra sound machines for breast examination to Institute for Oncology in Belgrade and Clinic for Radiology in Nis. In May last year, Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine in association with Hemofarm Foundation and Astra Zeneca provided sequencer of last generation to the Institute for Oncology  and Radiology of Serbia, while no other health institution in Serbia have had such an advanced device, that can test cancer genes, with multiple genes and samples simultaneously, which significantly reduce the time for testing.

At the dinner and the reception which were organized the same vening at the Royal and the White Palace, there were present many lecturers, participants of the Symposium, as well as many distinguished guests, and the vine that was served was by vinarija Kovačević.

Crown Princess Katherine at the opening ceremony of the 5th Oncology symposium Crown Princess Katherine at the opening ceremony of the 5th Oncology symposium Prof. dr. Radan Dzodic, Director of Clinic of surgical oncology at Institute of oncology and radiology of Serbia Dr Hedvig Hricak, Memorial Sloan Ketering Centar Dr Meho Mahmutovic, state secretary at the Ministry of health Crown Prince Alexander at the opening ceremony of the 5th Oncology symposium The 5th Oncology symposiumReception for participants of the Symposium

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