Donors, supporters, and Board members of Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago have arrived in Serbia again this year per their traditional Mission Trip to Serbia. At the beginning of their visit, the group, along with Lifeline’s Patron HRH Crown Princess Katherine, delivered assistance to the Zvecanska Home for the Protection of Children and Infants on Ustanicka Street and organized and introduced Lifeline Habitat Day for the first time in Serbia.

Community outreach initiatives are an important part of humanitarian work throughout the world and Lifeline Chicago is rolling out this specific initiative in Serbia in order to inspire us and to remind us that each and every person has the power and the responsibility to shape the future for the betterment of our villages, towns, and cities, of our living spaces.

New picnic benches, tables, and exercise and sports equipment were delivered to this home.  In addition, Her Royal Highness, the Lifeline Chicago Mission Trip group, teachers and residents of the home, and members of the Royal American football “Royal Crowns Kraljevo” team participated in the painting and decorating of the playground of the home.  In addition, a mentorship discussion was organized for the residents.

The purchase of the new furniture and new equipment was made possible through generous donations and the dedicated support of the Three Kolo Group – The Circle of Serbian Sisters of St. George of Joliet, Illinois, The Circle of Serbian Sisters Kneginja Zorka of Lansing, Illinois, and The Circle of Serbian Sisters of St. Archangel Michael of Lansing, Illinois, as well as Mr. Rade Savich, President of the Annual Lifeline Charity Golf Outing in Florida.

“I am so happy to have the opportunity to welcome the wonderful benefactors of Lifeline Chicago in our country. Thanks to Lifeline Chicago efforts, our diaspora and our international friends are helping our hospitals, safe houses, homes for children without parents, and homes for the elderly, and they do that every year! For Christmas and Easter, they make special bags for each orphan with their name, toys, clothes, and shoes in their size. This humanitarian organization whose patron I am for more than 25 years, is helping Serbia so much, especially children. I’m very proud to be the patron of this humanitarian cause and I would like to thank you all for everything you do for Serbia and to emphasize how important the diaspora is when it comes to humanitarian work and to help the needs our country has.

Whenever we are making deliveries, I am always conveying the gratitude of the Serbian people to our donors, but I am so happy that you are here because words are not enough to emphasize how important your work is, and how much good you have brought to people here. When you can see it, when you see the smiles on children’s faces that were touched by your kindness, you will, even more, know how much your efforts mean to our country. And it is even greater today, on this beautiful event, the first Lifeline Habitat Day, when you are, by your own example, teaching the children what true values are, but also giving them the most important message – that they are loved and not forgotten“, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.”

Lifeline Chicago’s Mission Trips are the perfect opportunity for their donors to see first-hand how their generosity has assisted the people of Serbia. These journeys are also an ideal opportunity for members of the Serbian diaspora to keep close connections with their homeland, and for our friends from the United States, who have been impressed by Lifeline Chicago’s humanitarian activities, to see how their contributions directly assist those in need. During this year’s trip, the group will visit many institutions they directly assist and will make plans for future humanitarian actions.

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