“Race for the Cure”, unique and largest international event of a non-competitive sports nature, was held today at Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade, under the auspices of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine, City of Belgrade, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia and the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia. The event was organized for the first time in our country by the Europe Donna Serbia Forum.

During the opening ceremony, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine stated in her speech: “I look forward to participating in the first “Race for the Cure” event in our country. At the invitation of the then Vice President of the United States Joe Biden and his wife, my husband and I had the pleasure to be a part of this event in Washington in 2009. Together with the then Vice President Joe Biden, his wife Jill Biden and ambassador Nancy Brinker Komen Foundation, my husband and I walked with over 50,000 other people.”

Knowing how much HRH Princess Katherine have been trying to help and educate people about breast cancer in Serbia, then Vice President Joe Biden asked her to join the speech about breast cancer, alongside him, his wife Jill Biden and the ambassador Nancy Brinker Komen Foundation, in front of thousands of people.

„Race for the Cure“ event was created by the ambassador Nancy Brinker, who founded Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in 1982, in memory of her sister who passed away from breast cancer. Their Royal Hignesses Crown Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine have hosted Nancy Brinker and her son at the Royal Palace in Belgrade. Their Royal Hignesses have great admiration for the ambassador Nancy Brinker and her work.

“Race for the Cure” is aimed at women and the entire society in the fight against breast cancer and the purpose of this event, as an introduction to the International Breast Cancer Month, is to empower and raise awareness of women and society in the fight against breast cancer, as well as the memory of those who have lost the battle with this disease. The “Race for the Cure” is organized worldwide in more than 150 cities, including New York, Chicago, Rome, Athens, Porto, Bucharest, Brussels and many others.

This year, on the same date, the race was held in another 17 cities in Europe. In addition to the race, as part of the event educational, music and entertainment program was organized, featuring artist Ljuba Ninkovic, vocal soloist Ljiljana Filimonovic, Nina Dimitrijevic and the Body Fitness Center, as well as Ana Radnovanovic’s salsa school and the AGUA club. At the end of the program balloons filled the sky, released in memory of women who lost their lives with breast cancer.

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