Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine delivered a new desperately needed neonatal screening hearing equipment worth more than 5,500 EUR to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic “Narodni Front” in Belgrade.
This donation has been provided by GNation, the global movement that is uniting millions of people and giving them the ability to do good and make the world a better place.

“This project is very close to my heart and I’m so happy that we are here today in Narodni front, delivering this much needed neonatal screening hearing equipment. In Narodni front women give birth to more than 7,000 babies every year, so we can say this is one of the most important places in Serbia for our babies’ births. With the test with this equipment we can avoid having additional sign language children. It is a very simple examination, lasting for just a few minutes. This examination is a must and all the babies must be checked before they leave the hospital. My husband Crown Prince Alexander and I will continue to follow the needs of hospitals in Serbia and help them as much as we can”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine’s goal is achieving no baby to leave the hospital without this important test in the future.

Sergey and Maxim Sholom, founders of GNation thanked HRH Crown Princess Katherine and the director and doctors for the opportunity to start delivering results of GNation mission from this first step that is the start of life.

Prof. Dr. Zeljko Mikovic, acting director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic “Narodni Front” thanked HRH Crown Princess Katherine and GNation for this valuable donation and emphasized the importance of the hearing screening test with babies.

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic “Narodni Front” has a tradition of 60 years behind it and a professional team of around 150 experienced doctors who work in 20 departments, providing healthcare for women and new-born babies.

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