Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine delivered today 10 electric beds for the intensive care unit and various medical equipment and supplies such as exam tables, IV poles, wheelchairs and many more to the Kragujevac Clinical Center.

The value of this donation is more than 120,000 Euros and it was made with the help of humanitarian organization Project C.U.R.E., from Denver in Colorado.

“For my humanitarian work, most important are individuals and organizations of the great heart. Me and my foundation will continue our work to help Serbian healthcare. Serbia is not only Belgrade and I am happy to deliver medical equipment to other hospitals outside Belgrade as well” – said HRH Princess Katherine in her speech.

Dr. Predrag Sazdanovic, Director of Clinical Center in Kragujevac, as well as the entire medical staff, thanked HRH Crown Princess Katherine for her valuable help.

Continuing her visit, HRH Crown Princess Katherine also officially delivered 90 bed sheets, 5 Striker electric beds and a valuable sterilizer to the General Hospital in Kraljevo. Sterilizing equipment is a vital element of modern medical care since patients come in contact with surgical tools, syringes and bandages all the time. Sterilizers ensure the medical safety of patients, medical practitioners and the environment. This donation was made possible with the help of Project C.U.R.E, humanitarian organization from Denver in Colorado. The total value of the donation is more than 170,000 Euros.

“It is my pleasure to deliver this valuable equipment to the General hospital in Kraljevo. My Foundation and I are very committed to the mission of improving the conditions of treatment for our citizens and equipping hospitals throughout Serbia. State of the art sterilizers like the one we are delivering today have already been donated to several hospitals across Serbia” – said HRH Crown Princess Katherine in her speech.

Mr. Predrag Terzic, Mayor of Kraljevo, Dr. Zoran Mrvic, director of the hospital and the entire medical staff thanked HRH Princess Katherine for her help and support.

After visiting General Hospital in Kraljevo, HRH Crown Princess Katherine was a special guest at “Dimitrije Tucović” Elementary School. The school choir welcomed Her Royal Highness with the anthem “God of Justice,” at the unveiling of a memorial plaque dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the school, its original name, “King Alexander the First” and the memory of HM Queen Maria, who helped the school’s construction in 1939 by her personal funds.

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