Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine accompanied with Dr. Milena Tatic Bajich, the President of Lifeline Chicago organization and group of more than 80 Serbs from United States, officially opened the Women’s premises of the reconstructed Kovin Psychiatric Hospital. The donation value was 76,000 US Dollars and was provided by Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine, and the sponsor of this valuable project was the John and Mildred Medic Wuchenich Foundation, whose family is one of the biggest individual donors to Lifeline Chicago.

Previously, in November 2017, the Men’s premises were refurbished, and donation value was 90,000 US dollars. Besides other reparations, bathrooms, windows and doors were also replaced with new ones.

“The occasion for my today’s visit is another great donation, total value more than 160,000 US Dollars, thanks to which the hospitals’ bathrooms were reconstructed and new doors and windows were purchased. First, we finished the Men’s department and now the Women’s one, so this was one really big and successful project. The donation has been provided through the Lifeline Chicago office, whose patron I am, and provided as a grant from the Foundation of family Wuchenich from the United States. The Wuchenich family helped our hospitals numerous time through their foundation. I am happy because thanks to this donation we will make your work a little easier, and the patients’ stay in hospital a lot more comfortable”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

Dr. Aleksandra Gavrilovic, director of the Kovin Psychiatric Hospital warmly thanked HRH Crown Princess Katherine, Lifeline Chicago and the John and Mildred Medic Wuchenich Foundation for their great help.

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