HRH Crown Princess Katherine’s appeal to the citizens of Serbia on World Cancer Day

On February 4, World Cancer Day, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine issued an appeal to the citizens of Serbia:

“Dear citizens of Serbia, February 4 is World Cancer Day. Everybody should think about cancer prevention every day during the year and I appeal to you to have that in mind. Unfortunately, due to difficult life circumstances, many people often forget to take care of themselves.

I strongly appeal to all the citizens of Serbia to assume better control of their health. By taking good care of one’s health, at the same time one is taking care of one’s loved ones. Your good health is necessary for a better life and the wellbeing of your families. That should be a solid foundation on which we can build a stronger and healthier society. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that regular medical check-ups, screening, prevention and vaccination programmes, are of the outmost importance, and they will help you avoid and cure diseases that are preventable.

On this occasion I wish to emphasize my sincere admiration and gratitude to all our medical professionals for their extraordinary work. I hope that we will all work together on raising awareness and promoting prevention and screening of cancer, for the ultimate benefit of our citizens’ health”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine in her appeal to the citizens of Serbia.

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