•General Hospital   phone 018-871-252

1.Ultrasound equipment
2.Equipment for physical therapy
3.Ambulance for dialysis
4.Reconstruction of Anti-tuberculosis dispenser

•Day care facility “Lane”    phone 018-4804-827

•Gerontology center “Elena”  phone 018-4800-177

•Home for accommodation of adults “Kulina”   phone 018-613-822



•Special Hospital for Pulmonary diseases,

Eye diseases and Tuberculosis “Ozren”  phone 018-830-337

1.Reconstruction of the bathrooms and sanitary
2.Reconstruction of the woodwork and furniture
3.Renewal of the car fleet
4.New equipment for ultrasound and X-ray

•Special Hospital for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of Nonspecific Pulmonary diseases “Sokobanja” phone 018-830-148

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