The Foundation of HRH Crown Princess Katherine organized a donation of 7 interactive boards for the school of hearing impaired children “Stefan Dečanski” in Belgrade. A significant donation worth more than $ 8,000 was made by Ms. Ardis Gardella, President of the Holley Institute in Detroit, and Dr. Daniel Megler, an otorhinolaryngologist of Serbian descent.

The Holley Institute is a non-profit organization that provides services and programs aimed at improving the quality of life of hearing and visually impaired people. More than 5 years ago, the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation mediated in establishing contact between this Institute and the special school “Stefan Dečanski”, after which the two institutions continued successful cooperation in order to improve the daily life of this group of people.

The students of the special school “Stefan Dečanski” will begin their new school year on 1 September with better working conditions, and the use of interactive whiteboards will contribute to productivity in classes and easier understanding of the concepts presented.

“I am happy that students of the special school “Stefan Dečanski” will be welcomed by the new interactive whiteboards when they sit at their school desks again. They will enable them to master material faster and prepare for a better response to the demands of today’s business world. I am very grateful to Dr. Megler and Mrs. Gardella for their selfless help for Serbian hearing-impaired children and for enabling them a safer future. Your significant donations mean a lot to the children and their parents. Dear children, I wish you to be healthy, happy, to make friends and focus on absorbing knowledge. Happy beginning of the school year!”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

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