Ivan Ivanović supported the Crown Prince and Crown Princess during their humanitarian mission in Novi Sad

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine visited today Novi Sad and delivered aid to the Children’s Hospital, together with Mr Ivan Ivanovic who supported Crown Prince and Crown Princess in this humanitarian endeavour and the Home for Mentally Handicapped Children and Youth “Veternik”.

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine accompanied by Mr. Ivan Ivanovic first visited the Children’s Hospital in Novi Sad where they delivered fiber-optic bronchoscope worth 14,000 Euros, which were raised thanks to the action “Aid for Babies” implemented by the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation in cooperation with the TV show “Evening with Ivan Ivanovic”. The donation was received by the hospital’s director Professor Dr. Slobodan Grebeldinger.

In her address Crown Princess Katherine emphasized that this is only the beginning, and expressed confidence that in the next few months the “Aid for Babies” will manage to provide two more devices for children’s hospitals in Belgrade and Nis.

“The whole of Serbia and all the citizens who had sent text messages participated in the purchase of this device, worth fourteen thousand Euros, which is a significant donation. I thank Ivan for recognizing our foundation’s work and for deciding to help us realise this project through joint forces. My husband Crown Prince Alexander and I will continue to help as much as we can. Thank you to all the people of goodwill who have supported this action and I call on them to continue, together with us – said Princess Katherine.

Crown Prince Alexander said that he is very proud of Crown Princess Katherine Humanitarian Foundation, which works tirelessly to help our health institutions, and that he is grateful to Mr. Ivan Ivanovic, who joined them and supported this humanitarian action, whose results we see today.

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine together with Mr. Ivan Ivanovic visited two departments of the Children’s Hospital and donated plush toys to the children there.

The “Aid for Babies” action which raises funds to help neonatal care units in Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad continues. Send an SMS to the number 4373 and support this humanitarian action. The price of the message is 100 dinars.

After a visit to the Children’s Hospital, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine together with Mr Ivan Ivanovic visited the Home for Mentally Handicapped Children and Youth “Veternik”where they furniture, consisting of 45 desks, 39 shelves, 54 padded bench seating, 60 dressers and 5 TV tables. This donation will make the children’s stay in the home more comfortable. The donation of the furniture has been provided by the Foundation of Crown Princess Katherine and AZIA RESORT & SPA from Cyprus. Crown Princess Katherine has repeatedly helped the Home for Mentally Handicapped Children and Youth “Veternik” and so far has donated a bus, 20 mirrors for speech cabinets and wardrobe to this institution.

During the delivery of this aid Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine said that she is very glad to have friends abroad who are willing to help our people and announced that Crown Prince Alexander and she will continue to help this Home as much as they can.

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