Royal couple in Detroit for charity events

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine have been in Detroit where they participated in important international charity events that raised funds for the treatment of the hearing impaired children in Serbia.

During their stay in Detroit Their Royal Highnesses met with many people who are important for raising funds for the citizens of our country. The Crown Prince and Crown Princesses visited the Michigan Ear Institute, and talked about further opportunities to help children with hearing impairments, as well as Serbian children from around the world, with Dr. Daniel Megler, a physician of Serbian origin and the President of the organization “The Holley Family Village”. Also, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine visited the hospital and the Holley center with Mrs. Ardis Gardella, the president of The Holley Institute. During this humanitarian mission, Their Royal Highnesses visited the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral Ravanica in Detroit where they were also having a fundraising lunch in aid of Lifeline organization.

“I wish to thank our friends from Detroit who helped Lifeline Humanitarian Foundation to be part of such a major project to help hearing impaired children. Our struggle does not end here, in the coming days we shall visit charity events in other cities of the United States, too, to achieve new cooperation and continue to provide assistance to the Serbian people”, said Princess Katherine.

In July last year HRH Crown Princess Katherine organized the travel and education for hearing impaired children in “The Holley Family village” camp in Detroit. This trip was organized by the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Megler, and it was for the two kindergarten teachers of “Stefan Decanski” school for hearing  impaired children, as well as the seven-year-old student of this school, accompanied by her mother. This year the training is organized for two students accompanied by their lecturers.

Their Royal Highnesses were welcomed by Barbara and Alfred Fisher III, as well as by Mr. Anthony Soave, the president of Soave Enterprises and an active participant in the greater Detroit community, with whom they were discussing on further philanthropic projects.


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