A significant donation by The HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, which is under the patronage of Crown Princess, was delivered last Friday to the Anton Skala Elementary School in Belgrade, Serbia. It was made possible by an incredibly generous donation from long-time supporters of Lifeline Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. David and Nada Stevens, who also visited the school on this occasion.

Pupils of the school will now have significantly improved learning conditions with the valuable gift of 100 brand new school desks and accompanying school chairs, that arrived in classrooms.

“I am very happy that we have successfully implemented another important project aimed at helping children. I sincerely thank the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago for their willingness to always support and provide to the youngest, and David and Nada Stevens for this recent donation.

It is crucial that we do what we can to support our children, to ensure that they have good conditions for living, learning, and having the best possible childhood. By providing to children, we are ensuring their future, but also the future of all of us”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

“On behalf of our students and teaching staff, I send our gratitude to HRH Crown Princess Katherine, Lifeline Chicago, and Mr. and Mrs. David and Nada Stevens. The new desks and chairs will make the everyday stay of our pupils in the school more pleasant and better”, stated Mrs. Natasa Selic Stankovic, Director of the “Anton Skala” School.

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