The Humanitarian Organization Lifeline Greece, which patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine, with great success organized a charity show of Takis Zacharatos, a famous Greek singer, entitled “Strangers in the Night” at the Pallas Theatre in Athens on 22 March 2022, for the children of Ukraine and, continuing the support to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the State hospital “Elena Venizelou”.

This humanitarian event, which also marked the 20th anniversary of Lifeline Greece, was held in the presence of HRH Crown Prince Alexander and HRH Crown Princess Katherine, and under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens. It was organized to raise funds to help the children of Ukraine who are inflicted by the current war, but also to continue the project of providing incubators for the “Elena Venizelou” Hospital. The interest for the event was remarkable – 1,200 supporters attended, with respecting the anti-pandemic measures – everyone being vaccinated and wearing masks.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander addressed the guests and thanked the Board of Directors, and all the friends and benefactors of Lifeline for their great support and for achieving a successful event and spoke about the high importance of their willingness and readiness to help those in need.

“I extend my gratitude to all those who supported this event and who help the work of Lifeline Greece. I especially thank the singer Takis Zacharatos for this memorable evening, the “Pallas” Theatre, the Municipality of Athens, the Panas Group, and the Board of Directors of Lifeline who all made this possible.”

HRH Crown Princess Katherine said: “There is no greater joy in life than the joy of giving. My parents, who were great philanthropists, taught me that at my early age. I want to encourage as many people as possible to see themselves what joy you feel when you provide to others, to those in need. And that is something we need to teach our children as well and to give them the opportunity to contribute so they can feel the joy of giving, and it becomes a part of their whole life. By supporting the children of Ukraine and to “Elena Venizelou” state hospital you have made it possible for many lives to be saved and made a great difference for the wellbeing of others”.

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