Today 5th of May is the day of giving.

The best things in life do not cost anything like love, compassion empathy, smiles and spreading joy!

One is not asked to give what they don’t have!

But we can always give empathy, kindness, a smile, a good word, support and at a time that a friend or neighbour needs it the most.

Giving is not always money!!! It is giving of oneself! And it does not cost anything!

If someone does not know how to give of themselves, then that person will not even give money when they have it!

The happiest people are those who know and share the “The Joy of Giving”.

I pray that as this epidemic is slowing down, our country will prove that everyone has learned the “The Joy of Giving”.

We will be a society that cares for one another.

We owe it to God for giving us life and the opportunity to share our life with others!

We need to come out of this epidemic as better people!

It will not be easy but at least we are working together for a better future for all people.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine

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