Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine and Dr. Elaine Laycock, Medical Advisor to Lifeline Humanitarian Organization United Kingdom (whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine) and for many years’ great supporter of our country and friend of the Royal family, accompanied with Mrs. Betty Roumeliotis, Crown Princess Katherine’s sister, officially delivered medical help for the Special Hospital for Lung Diseases “Ozren” in Sokobanja.

The donation worth more than 100,000 EUR which includes 92 hospital beds with mattresses, fully equipped ambulance car, fiberscope and computers, have been achieved thank to Dr. Laycock and Lifeline Chicago whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine. Funds for the ambulance car were collected previously in March this year when TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine attended the traditional humanitarian concert organized by Dr. Laycock at Fairfield Evangelical Church in Northwood Hills near London, United Kingdom.

Ceremony of delivery was attended by Mr. Isidor Krstic, the president of Sokobanja municipality, Dr. Mihajlo Jovanovic, the director of “Ozren“ hospital, Mrs. Snezana Filipovic, deputy hospital director, Mrs. Dragana Sotirovski, the head of Nisava district, Mrs. Sladjana Djukic, the assistant of the Minister of health of Republic of Serbia and many others friends who support the humanitarian work of Dr. Elaine Laycock and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine.

HRH Crown Princess Katherine and Dr. Elaine Laycock have been working together since 2001 on many projects including Kulina Institute where a Family Unit was established to prepare handicapped children to be trained to leave hospital, for the first time. Also, Toponica Special Psychiatric Hospital projects included a new dental surgery, new geriatric ward, new acute medical ward, and two ambulances. There have been three kindergartens opened by HRH Crown Princess Katherine in Toponica, Matejevac and Bela Palanka with the equipment provided by Dr Laycock. HRH Crown Princess Katherine and Dr. Laycock have also been heavily involved in introducing palliative care to Serbia, the first in-patient unit “The Princess Katherine Palliative Care Centre” was opened by Her Royal Highness at Knez Selo in 2013.

Special Hospital for Lung Diseases “Ozren” is the oldest healthcare institution in Sokobanja, and it is specialized in the treatments of obstructive lung diseases, cardio vascular and eye diseases.


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