With great pleasure, TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine accepted to be honorary patrons of the first “Hippocratic Values and Medicine” Greek-Serbian Doctors Educational Symposium, unveiling of the bust sculpture of Hippocrates and tree of Hippocrates dedication ceremony, which was held today at the Faculty of Medicine of the University in Belgrade, Serbia. 

This significant congress of medicinal experts is organized in cooperation between the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute from Greece, and the Faculty of Medicine of Belgrade University. Their Royal Highnesses could not attend the official opening of the symposium and unveiling of the Hippocrates bust, due to obligations abroad, but Prof. Dr Aleksandar Ljubic, member of the Royal Medical Board, read their letter as part of the opening ceremony. They are also very pleased that the distinguished guests from Greece will also have a tour of the Royal Palace today. 

“The importance of conferences like this is exceptional. Knowledge and good education, as well as their constant improvements, are the main resources and basic foundations of modern society. Through the exchange of knowledge, but also experiences from your everyday practice, you are creating “bridges of information” that flow from one part of the world to another, connecting medicinal professionals from all parts of the globe, with one great, noble goal – to improve and facilitate the work of doctors, for the benefit of our entire civilization. 

When the word “fighting” is said, the usual connotation is about something terrible – an act of violence that deserves every judgment. But the fight that medicinal professionals take every day, the fight against invisible opponents, where you often disregard your own security, for the wellbeing of your patients, and indulging in this struggle with the best possible instrument there is – your knowledge, is a noble fight, that deserves every praise and sincere gratitude to you all. Devotion, dedication, commitment, and selfless sacrifice – these are the words that only partially describe what being a doctor stands for. 

Besides the main, medicinal side of this Symposium, I would like to point out one more, very important aspect of it – the sincere friendship between the people of Greece and Serbia. These brotherly connections have been shown and proven many times throughout history. And conferences like this make these bonds even stronger, I would say, unbreakable”, stated TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine in their message.  

Their Royal Highnesses extend their gratitude to Professor Dr. Antonios Polydorou and all other members of the Organizing Committee for the great honour that was made by asking the Crown Prince and Crown Princess to be the patrons of this important symposium. They are also very happy that their dear friend, Professor Dr. Afksendiyos Kalangos is one of the lecturers, who have many times selflessly supported the humanitarian work of the Serbian Royal couple and helped many people from our country. 

“I express our thanks and respect to TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia for their decision to be the patrons of the “Unveiling of the Bust Sculpture of Hippocrates and tree of Hippocrates Dedication Ceremony” and the Greek-Serbian symposium on Hippocratic values.  Thank you for your kind help in developing a working relationship with the Medical School of the University of Belgrade. This collaboration is of great importance for the international medical community” said Professor Dr. Antonios Polydorou, General Secretary of Global Doctors Hippocrates Institute and Ambassador of Hellenic Tourism.  

Dr. George Patoulis, President of the Athens Medical association and President of the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute, Mr. Aristotelis Pavlidis, President of Kos Hippocratic Foundation, and Prof. Dr. Athanasios Giannukas, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Sciences at the University of Thessaly also addressed the attendees in the opening ceremony. 

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