HRH Crown Princess Katherine patron of Lifeline Humanitarian Organization responded immediately to the appeal from The Bridge of Life Humanitarian Organization, and jointly have been providing help for the women and children refugees of Ukraine and will continue to send necessary aid to those inflicted by war.

TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine have been supporting the humanitarian work in Serbia by The Bridge of Life for more than 20 years, where the focus of the projects was providing aid to Serbian children. The importance of these projects was recognized by the Government of Serbia, which in October 2021 presented Mr. Edward Wayne Jr, the Director of The Bridge of Life with “Serbian Citizenship by Exception” in gratitude for his many years of service to the good for the children of Serbia.

In February 2022, Edward Wayne and his wife Tatjana Trickovic informed Their Royal Highnesses that they could no longer stand still and watch the terrible images in Ukraine. Crown Princess Katherine was already in the progress of finding ways to help the suffering civilian women and children who were trying to escape from war, and they, once again, joined forces to provide aid to innocent victims.

Edward and Tatjana immediately went to Ukraine to distribute help directly to those who need it the most. During the past 3 months, the following is just a list of the humanitarian aid that has been provided by The Bridge of Life and Lifeline: an incubator and consumables for the neonatal care at Odesa Children’s Hospital #2, 250 kg of baby food delivered to the Specialty Children’s Hospital of Lviv, a fully equipped Mercedes Sprinter ambulance to Bibrka hospital, an emergency vehicle for the transport of patients and a wide variety of large electrical appliances for Lviv Regional Psychiatric Hospital (500 beds, currently almost 1,000 patients), 8 shipments of medical supplies to hospitals in Lviv and Kharkiv, more than 10 tons of food, and a special computer necessary for the Romanian Network of Child Helpline International, so that Ukrainian child refugees could dial a toll-free number in Romania and reach a Ukrainian speaker.

“The people of Serbia, unfortunately, know very well how much pain and suffering war brings to people, and how hard it is for the children who were forced to become refugees and had to leave their homes. The suffering of these little angels needs to be stopped, and their pain relieved. Their childhood was violently interrupted by the war, and it is our duty to help them. I would like to send gratitude from my heart to my dear friends Edward and Tatjana, for giving me this opportunity to provide aid to the children and women of Ukraine, and to do what we can to reduce their pain.

My husband, Crown Prince Alexander, and I are committed to providing all support possible, so that women and children of Ukraine will receive aid, but also, the very important message, the same that the Serbian refugees in the past needed desperately – “You are not alone”, stated HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

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