Princess Katherine Foundation and Ritopek Cherries deliver apples to Orphanages

HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and Ritopek Cherries Company donated several thousand apples to the homes for children without parental care which are part of the Centre for Infants and Children Protection in Zvecanska Street, Belgrade.

Mr Jon Robinson owner of the Ritopek Cherries Company attended the delivery together with representatives of Princess Katherine Foundation. Mr Robisnon also donated Euros 1000 and promised to continue to supply this home for children with fruit on a monthly basis. Princess Katherine Foundation is continuing to help most the vulnerable categories in Serbia and children especially with the help of socially responsible companies like Ritopek Cherries.

Crown Princess Katherine Foundation would like to thank Ritopek Cherries Company for their valuable donation, and to invite other companies in Serbia and internationally to join in the noble task of helping children in Serbia and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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