A Kindergarten in the municipality of Laktasi in Republika Srpska, named Princess Katarina Karadjordjevic, was the recipient of a considerable donation for the establishment of five fully equipped children’s libraries. This valuable donation, worth over 11,000 Dollars, was made by The Pittsburgh/Tri-state Committee of Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, through The HRH Princess Katherine Foundation, in memory of longtime Lifeline donor and benefactor, the late George Topic.

The funds equipped five rooms at The Princess Katarina Karadjordjevic Kindergarten with bookcases, books, and literature for the preschool children of this institution.

“For several years, our kindergarten has had wonderful cooperation with the Foundation of HRH Princess Katherine, whose name we are proud to bear. People from the Foundation showed exceptional attention, love for children, understanding, and desire to help, and thanks to them, the space where our children live has been enriched with new toys, furniture, air conditioners and children’s literature. Children and employees thank Princess Katherine, her foundation and donors from the bottom of our hearts and with smiles for their attention and gifts that made us happy,” said Natasa Trninic, Director of the Public Institution Center for Preschool Education Laktasi.

“Child-care is a high priority of any society. By supporting children’s development and education, from the earliest days, we invest in our future. Enjoyment of reading created in childhood stimulates imagination and desire for knowledge,” said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

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