HRH Crown Princess Katherine continues her dedication to providing for and supporting children in Serbia. Another generous donation was received in cooperation between The HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation in Belgrade and Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, which operates under Her Royal Highness’s patronage. The Zvecanska Home for Children in Belgrade, Serbia, was equipped with five newly decorated living rooms, significantly contributing to better living conditions for the children of this institution.

This donation consisted of new sofas, armchairs, stools, carpeting, toy boxes, educational toys, shelving, bed covers, and decorative pillows for five large living rooms at the Zvecanska home. This enormous contribution was made possible by the generosity of the following donors to Lifeline Chicago: the Yerich Family, the Desancic Family, the Vujicic Family, the Stanich Family, and the Pittsburgh Tri-State Committee.

The power of a unified effort to support those in need was directly shown by this contribution, as these donations were combined to complete the five living rooms for the children of Zvecanska to enjoy their newly enrichened and beautiful living spaces.

“I am very grateful to all the donors and supporters of Lifeline Chicago, who have generously supported my vision and dedication to provide to children and make their childhood better and as carefree as possible, and who this time helped us once again. I am very happy to see these newly equipped living rooms, I am sure the children will enjoy each minute spent in them.

The history of the humanitarian cooperation of my Foundation and the Center for the Protection of Infants, Children, and Youth Zvecanska is long and filled with care and love for our children. Children are the future of our country, and that future is beautiful and bright. But we will not stop, we will continue doing everything we can to give them a better childhood“ – stated HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

The General Manager of the Zvecanska Home for Children, Mr. Zoran Milacic, stated: “On my behalf and on behalf of the children and employees of the Center for the Protection of Infants, Children, and Youth, I thank HRH Crown Princess Katherine, her Foundation and donors for their most recent generous action. Thanks to your donation, the living conditions of children in Working Unit Accommodation with intensive support, have been improved. Five living rooms are completely equipped with new furniture, which enriches the space in which children stay every day.

We send our sincere gratitude for your selfless, long-term support and expressed sensitivity towards users of our services, which makes it easier for our institution to achieve its mission and the right of children to a quality life, growth, and development.”

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