In order to help the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija again this year, Crown Princess Katherine’s Foundation sent a donation worth more than 10,000 dollars to the food depository of “Mother of the Nine Jugovic.”

Help packages for the Serbian population consists of basic food – flour, pasta, beans, rice, spices, soups, oils, and sugar. Baby diapers were also donated. The donation was provided thanks to Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization, whose patron is Crown Princess Katherine, Sveti Sava Sister Kolo from Milwaukee, USA and companies Zito Backa and Sunoko who operate as a part of MK Group system, Moravka Pro, Victoria Group as well as DM (Drogerie Market).

“Crown Prince Alexander and I will always help as much as we can to ease challenging lives of our people in Kosovo,” said Crown Princess Katherine in her message to the Serbs in Kosovo.
The food depository of “Mother of the Nine Jugovic” manages 6 meal centres throughout Kosovo and Metohia, providing meals for over two thousand people. The management of this organization were delighted to receive this donation.

The organization was established in 2000 and is officially registered by the UNMIK. During its twelve years of work, the organization has worked intensively with international and local NGOs. The organization is headquartered in Gracanica Monastery.

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